Quantify and clarify accomplishments in your resume
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Quantify and clarify accomplishments in your resume

Here's a line item you might see on a resume:

Focus on improving React frontend performance of components
and pages to reduce excessive rendering and optimize hot code paths. Search and listing pages time-to-interactive (TTI) improved by 8% YTD.

This isn't bad:

  • It starts with an active tense
  • It's specific about what was improved
  • It quantifies the improvement

But it could be better. How?

  • The quantified metric should be the absolute first thing to lead with
  • It can lose the superfluous lower-level detail (unless it must be included, in which case I would only leave "React").
  • It's talking only to developers who are not necessarily the first people who will see your resume

A better version could be:

Improve page interaction speed by 8% YTD for search and home pages

It's clearer what high-level metric was moved, what direction it went, and by how much. There's a high-level note about what we did that accomplished it. It's also avoiding technical jargon. Remember: if someone asks, you will have the opportunity to dive into detail.

Something's missing though: so what?

Tomorrow I'll answer that.

The first example was on my own resume. My business communications professor, Holly, would probably give it a B-.

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