My talk on using AI to automate the little things in life
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My talk on using AI to automate the little things in life

Last week at MDC 2023, I had the honor to give my first new talk in a while, not about wealth building or finance, but about... AI.

Aw, yet another AI talk?

I know, I know. But I tried to zag a little bit, so in this one, I talk about AI tools in the context of "everyday AI." In other words, using AI to make life easier and (perhaps) more fun.

In the talk, I show off using AI tools to:

  • Do HVAC research
  • Research ECM fan motors
  • Ask my Google docs questions and turn them into emails or blog posts
  • Get the latest sports gossip
  • Tell me about an image
  • Summarize YT videos
  • Generate voices
  • Write a kid's storybook
  • Generate prompts for another AI
  • Generate illustrations for the book
  • Design the book in Canva and see my kids' reaction
  • Put together Instacart shopping list in Zapier

So, the goal was to see most of the tools I use for work automation in action – but in an introductory and inspirational way that has nothing to do with boring business workflows😎

The talk wasn't recorded, but it was the first time I gave it in the "Grand Ballroom" (aka the keynote room!). Achievement Unlocked!

I thought it went well even though it started late – and then I got the feedback. 🥁

I didn't want to read the email

Huzzah! For a first-time talk, that's as good as I could hope for 🚀

Even though I don't have a recording, you can still get the gist by going through the slideshow PDF. It includes links to the videos I recorded, resources, documents, and screenshots of all the AI-generated responses (in case the demos failed!).

Everyday AI
In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, it’s easy to get caught up in applying it to large-scale business applications. But what about the small-scale personal tasks that eat into our time? This session will teach you how no-code and low-code AI workflows can streamline and enhance our day-to-day e…

I've also submitted the talk to multiple conferences – so hopefully, that pans out, too!


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