Everyday AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, it's easy to get caught up in applying it to large-scale business applications. But what about the small-scale personal tasks that eat into our time? This session will teach you how no-code and low-code AI workflows can streamline and enhance our day-to-day experiences. I'll even show you how AI helps me order groceries. We're moving beyond the hype and into hands-on demonstrations to bring AI's practical benefits to the forefront. I've got real-world examples using tools like Bing Chat, Zapier, and Canva to inspire you. Whether you've worked with AI already or are still noping out, I'll show you some delightful ways AI can subtly yet significantly improve your daily life without compromising your privacy.


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Audience Feedback

Cool integrations for personal use.
Excellent presentation!!!
Extremely engaging!
Great examples in Session 5: Everyday AI
He got really deep and showed how it is different than ChatGPT. I didn't even know it exists together!  Cool stuff by Kamran Ayub!
So many examples, very impressive!
Very nice intro to AI usages.

Here are some of the links and resources I share during the talk.