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React and TypeScript

Guides on working with React and TypeScript

Getting Started with React and TypeScript | Pluralsight
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How to Statically Type React Components with TypeScript | Pluralsight
Pluralsight Guides
Composing React Components with TypeScript | Pluralsight
Using TypeScript in React to compose components together ensures your patterns continue to provide the benefits of strong type checking and discoverability.
How to Test React Components in TypeScript | Pluralsight
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Articles I've published for the RavenDB NoSQL document database

Working With Market Data Using Time Series in RavenDB
See how to use the Time Series document extension in RavenDB to build a histogram visualization for crypto prices using basic APIs.
Using NuGet Packages to Power Up RavenDB Indexes | RavenDB NoSQL
Leverage the power of NuGet packages within RavenDB indexes to offload work like image EXIF indexing or ML.NET analysis.
NoSQL Indexing | Indexing NoSQL Database | NoSQL Index | RavenDB NoSQL
Document database indexing in RavenDB compared to MongoDB, another NoSQL document database, as well as the relational database, PostgreSQL. Indexing document properties.
Data Modeling with Indexes in RavenDB
In this article, we’ll be covering how you can leverage RavenDB indexes to do much more than help create high-performance queries.
Throttling Outgoing Requests in Node.js
Coordinating counting requests within a time window across a cluster can’t be done in-memory, you need a backing store and this article walks through using Node.js and RavenDB to accomplish throttling client-side requests to an API so you don’t exceed rate limits.
Throttling Outgoing HTTP Requests in a Distributed Environment Using RavenDB and .NET Core
When working with external services, sometimes you need to ensure you don’t call a particular API too often. In a distributed environment like a web farm, this makes things even more hairy. In this post, you will see how RavenDB can help you track requests using distributed counters and sliding time…
What’s New in RavenDB 4.2
Learn about the new RavenDB 4.2 features like cluster-wide ACID transactions, distributed counters, the experimental graph API, and more.