Your resume is a sales page
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Your resume is a sales page

It's selling you and your expertise to a recruiter/manager/founder.

As soon as you look at it like this, some questions might be popping up:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they care most about?
  • How can you help them?
  • Am I using language and terms they understand?
  • How am I differentiating myself?

It's worth creating a dedicated resume for jobs you really want.

It's worth looking at what problems they have and how your expertise will help.

It's worth understanding whether the manager or a recruiter or a lead engineer will be reviewing your resume.

It's worth answering these questions in the cover letter.

If you have to use a resume, you might as well make it sing.

A bounty has been posted...
I sent my resume to like 100 companies and none responded. What's wrong with them?!

Thinking of applying to a position? See what the company is working on, what services/apps, challenges they face, and anything they use (which you can find from talks, articles, their website source, etc.).

If you have experience in any of those, make sure those are the first things listed.

If you think you can offer something unique, highlight that in your cover letter.

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