Behind the Major Update to Keep Track of My Games
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Behind the Major Update to Keep Track of My Games

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Today I just pushed a major update to KTOMG. Psst, you should join!

You can reference the blog post for details on features but on the technical side I'm pretty proud because I got to implement a bunch of new tech that I've been wanting to learn properly.

At a glance

The site is built using Bootstrap, LESS, and Knockout.js. It is totally responsive and yes, every feature is available on every view. I don't yet have offline mode or some more app-y things like local storage quite yet but it's on my to-do list. By far the hardest thing to make responsive was the list view but using Flexbox and toolbar configurations, it's manageable. It could always be simpler though, my work is never done.

CSS3 Flexbox


The list view is using CSS3 Flexbox with display: table fallback w/JavaScript. A Flexbox grid is perfect for a modern responsive app, which KTOMG is. It scales down to mobile fine (and if you don't have Flexbox or if the fallback fails, the worst you get is a stacked list). For different breakpoints I customize the flex basis of the items to create 1-3 column layouts. The homepage will soon use Flexbox as soon as I get to it (right now it's using display: table to maintain equal-height columns). All of the modern browsers support Flexbox and for those that don't, they just get a wrapping grid.

I also use Flexbox for any grid of games using table display as a fallback; this prevents me from needing to have fixed column sizes for different screen sizes so the games will just wrap as they need to.

Aside: The box art image grid for the list is simply just the first four games in the list (dynamically updated, since the entire page uses Knockout) positioned using background-size and multiple backgrounds. It uses a placeholder image repeated 4 times, in case the games are missing artwork and during loading.

Most of the CSS3/HTML5 stuff I have fallbacks by detecting features using Modernizr.

HTML5 Drag and Drop

The other cool thing Flexbox gives you is some hot drag and drop action by allowing dynamic insertion of flex items:

Drag and drop

I wrote the drag and drop code in vanilla HTML5 Javascript, it wasn't too bad using MDN as a guide. The fallback if that isn't supported is simply toolbar icons (which really is faster anyway for moving things far).

I admit I haven't tried a browser that doesn't support Flexbox but does support drag/drop, so that case might still need some tweaking.

Hopscotch Tutorials


Since lists are pretty powerful, people might need some help remembering all the things they can do.

I use a modified version of Hopscotch for an introduction tutorial. I struggled at first to figure out how I wanted to do tutorials. I ended up just using a string array on every user that I fill in when they finish a tutorial, allowing for an infinite number of tutorials and everyone not seeing them by default. I keep a master list of valid tutorials on the server.

It's a simple solution that will let me add tutorials as I can make them. It took me a little finnagling, but I also got the tour working fine on small screens.

Stats with Chart.js


I use Chart.js for profile and list stats. The API is easy to use and easy to extend, as well as being sufficiently sexy. The stats I show right now are just the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to generating some cool charts later on (especially the Radar ones for comparisons).

Also, I apparently really like Action/Adventure and RPGs. But I knew that already, tell me something I don't know! Like maybe my "burndown" for finishing my backlog...

I'm excited

I worked on this update all month as my wife will attest. I still have plenty to do but our vacation is coming to an end. I don't think I'll be able to release such massive updates each month but this one definitely gets me closer to completing the vision I have. I'm pretty excited! The updates are just in time for the big gaming conferences, if only I could get public lists out by the end of June...

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