[Updated] Install Windows 10 Immediately Before Rollout
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[Updated] Install Windows 10 Immediately Before Rollout

Update (8:49pm): I adjusted my Windows 8 date/time to tomorrow and the progress of the update jumped and I'm completed now. I now see a Restart PC to finish installing updates.

Update (9:00pm): Well it looks like it's a bust with Windows 8.1. My friend tested on Windows 7 and it worked but mine refuses to install--it just says I have it reserved and it's ready. I tried rebooting multiple times and running the /updatenow command again but no go.


Update (10:00pm CST): No luck on my other PC, same situation. Guess I'll just have to wait in line like everybody else!

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This is only applicable for the next few hours until your machine gets Windows 10 rolled out. If you're impatient like me, a friend tipped me off that he was able to install Windows 10 prematurely by simply forcing Windows Update to download Windows 10 and then setting his system time forward a day (BIOS, I'm thinking).

It's kind of unbelievable but it's working so far. I'm at 95% complete downloading (you can view in Windows Update window).

  1. Hit Windows+R to bring up Run command
  2. Type in wuauclt.exe /updatenow (Works)
  3. Wait for the download to finish (Control Panel -> Windows Update) (Works)
  4. When Windows Update says, "Preparing for installation...", set system time forward a day in Windows (Works)
  1. When progress is done, reboot (Untested)
  2. Windows 10 should install (Untested)

I will update this post with any new information.

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