TCCC15: Leveling Up Your Windows Phone App

Published on Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's talk time again! I'm lucky to be giving yet another talk at Twin Cities Code Camp (my second one!). Last time was a lot of fun! This time, we're leaving the Web API pasture and exploring the fun world of Windows Phone development.

TCCC15 is October 19 and I'll be speaking in Rapson 45 at 2:15pm, so come say hi!

Why You Should Attend

If you're an experienced or even a beginning Windows Phone developer, come. If you're still not sure why Windows Phone is cool, come.

The code I'll be showing will start out at a beginner level and move all the way passed intermediate to advanced. By the end, for example, you'll see how to implement a custom message box that fully supports Caliburn binding, dismissal, and the view lifecycle.

Finally, all the code will be available on GitHub soon after (this weekend?). I just need time to remove any secrets and figure out a license that will let me publish the app and own it while still allowing you all to learn from it.

What We'll Talk About

I'll be doing a "live coding" presentation. In reality, I'll be coding and switching to Git branches that showcase the fully completed code then walk through it. The app I'll be presenting is actually a "complete" app; meaning that it works fine and does everything I need it to. However, anyone whose done app development can tell you that the work isn't done when your app runs and all your tests pass; there's still plenty of work making it "production ready." That's what I'll cover in my session!

Right now, my talk is divided into 5 sections covering MVVM, fast resume, logging, about page, and UX improvement. The sections are designed in a way that will expose you to many different parts of my preferred MVVM framework, Caliburn. Along the way, you'll also learn some great tips & tricks I've found along my journey designing Windows Phone apps.

I'm excited because we'll start with the basic premise of an app (which works) and then take it to a production-ready application. Literally, by the end of the presentation, I could publish my app to the store and feel good about it.

I hope to see you on Saturday!

About Kamran
I'm a technologist, speaker, and Pluralsight author and I specialize in building full-stack solutions with a focus on modern web technology and cloud native architecture.
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