TCCC15: See you again in April!
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TCCC15: See you again in April!

Well, that was a blast. Yesterday was TCCC15 and it was great. Many awesome sessions, including several by my fellow co-workers Erik Onarheim and Stephen Erstad.

Thanks to all who attended my talk! I got +10 votes on the code camp speaker site and 9 llamas, which made me feel pretty good!

Please send me feedback at my email or leave a comment here with your thoughts. The code will be available (soon) at It'll be released under an open license but is meant to be educational. The app will also be available soon in the Windows Phone store.

If you missed my talk, you can still get all the bits once I release the app on GitHub. Sure, there won't be droning voice over the code, but you can still see all the steps I took to enhance it.

There was only one big hiccup where Nuget would not install a package, even when I had it in my local repository (it installed the other ones). I remembered some time ago Scott Hanselman mentioning that Nuget packages were just zip files. I quickly changed my Nuget package extension (because I didn't have Nuget Package Explorer installed), got the DLL, and added it as a project reference to quickly save my skin. Thanks Scott!

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