Just pushed: Blackjack sample game
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Just pushed: Blackjack sample game

It's finally done! I sat down today and dug through my backups to find my original WPF BlackJack game I wrote way back when WPF was really cool. I converted it to VS 2013, made sure it still ran, organized the solution, and hit deploy. It's now up on GitHub for your learning pleasure. There are no Nuget packages here! This was before Nuget where I had to find code to learn from and, ahem, copy. The deck is also something I found online. If I find the source, I'll be sure to attribute it properly.

Code: https://github.com/kamranayub/blackjack/

This was a sample game I wrote to learn OO design and WPF. There's some cool animations, sound effects, and a pretty fun Blackjack implementation. It's very "simple" and should be easy to digest. I never got around to implementing all the cool AI but now that it's on GitHub for all to see, maybe someone will pick it up.

I also think it'd be fun to port it to Windows 8 C# and XAML. It could be an app I release on the store, free and open source.

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