Kamranicus: Now With 100% More Octopress
1 min read

Kamranicus: Now With 100% More Octopress

I've just pushed a new version of Kamranicus that is built using the static site generator, Octopress. Octopress uses Jekyll to generate static sites.

I decided to switch because I can leverage GitHub Pages which are free and I can use a custom domain. It's a perfect fit because I can just piggyback on GitHub's cloud hosting for free and not worry about incurring any downtime due to database issues (something that happened more than a few times with the last ASP.NET MVC and SQL-based site).

I really enjoyed setting up Octopress, it was easy to migrate my posts. I highly recommend it! It would be even better to have a .NET/C#-based static site generator that supported all of Jekyll's configuration options, except with Razor-based layouts and templating. Mmmm, that sounds pretty good. Someone get on that.

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