Minnesota Developer Conference 2013: Connected Apps
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Minnesota Developer Conference 2013: Connected Apps

Update: My session slides are available online at SpeakerDeck. If you attended, I hope you enjoyed it!

Will you be attending Minnesota Developer Conference? Come see me at 12:45pm if you want to get jump started with creating connected Windows Phone apps. I'll be talking about how to connect to APIs and useful patterns I've learned throughout my (limited) development experience. Even if you have developed an app, I hope to share some tips that might help improve your app and it'll definitely provide a jumping off point if you haven't started yet.

My current rehearsals clock in at around a 45 minute presentation which leaves a healthy 30 minutes for questions and seeing any live code, which will be at the audiences' whim. I'll be walking through a real application I'm in the middle of developing so I hope to share some patterns and practices that I've found useful when developing connected apps like MVVM, Async/Await, offline storage, and more.

See you on Thursday!

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