Format your resume like a pro
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Format your resume like a pro

You'll probably need to refresh your resume the next time you need to switch jobs to increase your base pay by 30%. I have just the thing for you:

Format My Resume

This formats YOUR resume using my template I've used since the start of my career. I have gotten compliments on the formatting and it EVEN passed the scrutiny of the Microsoft resume review we had during business school. I mean... that was a long time ago and I'm positive you can find better templates. But hey, if ain't broke...

Here's what it looks like:

Awhile back, my friend needed a new resume and he wanted to use my template so of course I built a tool for him to use. I had always designed my resume in plain HTML and he didn't know HTML so it was a matter of translating that into a data structure that could be modified visually.

I used Vue since I wanted an excuse to learn it and it uses editable regions to format your resume the way I format mine.

You can even print it to PDF (CSS print styles FTW!).

I'm sure it has plenty of issues but for the most part, it works.

Feel free to contribute to it on GitHub. It uses local storage and doesn't support saving or loading from a saved file (PRs welcome! 😂).

GitHub - kamranayub/resume-formatter: Format a resume using my custom template
Format a resume using my custom template. Contribute to kamranayub/resume-formatter development by creating an account on GitHub.


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