There is no skill tree of Business
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There is no skill tree of Business

So far we've covered Expertise, Means, and Mind as transition abilities. The fourth is Business. Or is it?

I said at the beginning we'd find out if there are patterns that begin to emerge here in this "thought experiment series" if you will.

I decided the definition of a skill is that it governs the effectiveness of actions you take. Makes sense, that's how it works in games. Swing a sword, Long Blade is 10, it does hardly any damage. Low effectiveness.

Then I got to the Business ability and found it hard to create a skill tree that matched that definition.

I said originally business "skills" might be marketing, sales, and communication. But there are a lot of other things you could think of like operations, logistics, accounting, finance, etc. Too many to list.

And what is a marketing activity anyway, what action are you taking?

Let's say you're a coin collector wanting to make a new app and you "don't have marketing skills."

After you build the thing, you probably say to yourself:

"I want to have someone use the thing I built"

So you take action, which might be:

"Tell a friend about my product who could use it."

You text a friend who is also an avid coin collector, "Hey, check out, I just built it. It will help you organize your coin collection by just taking pictures of your coin sheets. Can you try it?"

The skills involved in taking this action are writing, specialization, critical thinking, and empathy.

This is marketing but it's not a skill listed there.

So what is it? I'll explain tomorrow.


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