More post-quitting archetypes
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More post-quitting archetypes

In addition to the paths I offered yesterday like The Consultant, The Indie Hacker, and The Freelancer, there were a few others that came to mind that will be worth talking about.

The Founder
With the help of a co-founder or by going solo, the Founder creates their own company they can exit from. Companies can take the form of venture-backed startups that target growth or self-funded with a profit-first mentality.

Build a lasting business and fly into the sunset on the Wings of Equity.

Have you ever watched Silicon Valley? Shit gets real.
The Unicorn Rider
Able to juggle multiple hats and jump face-first into challenges, the Unicorn Rider joins early-stage or growth-stage startups until they either go public in an IPO, get sold off, or implode.

Opportunity to have a huge impact on the success of the company.

Startups can be like micro Corporate Americas, without the benefits.
The Early Retiree
Having the wherewithal to save up enough to reach financial independence, the Early Retiree says F U to work entirely. Maintains their lifestyle until the money well runs dry, which is never, if they played their cards right.

Very likely don't need to worry about money as long as their lifestyle fits the budget.

Ironically find work they actually enjoy which they could have been doing all along.
The Downshifter
Still wishing to remain employed just not that employed, the Downshifter works for companies that offer reduced schedules or less stressful work they enjoy better.

Maintain benefits and employment with higher work-life satisfaction.

Typically comes with a paycut that requires some getting used to.

As some of these archetypes show, quitting Corporate America doesn't have to mean quitting gainful employment. It could just mean working somewhere else that doesn't suck ass, like a calm company (Doist and Ghost are two I know of and admire).


A bounty has been posted...
I've been trapped here so long that I never realized there was another Way.

Find any companies you admire. Check out their Careers page and subscribe to job alerts. Follow the founders/engineers on social media. See what's up. Passively monitor and see if an opening comes up, it won't hurt to send in your application, will it?

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