That's a Wrap for NDC Minnesota
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That's a Wrap for NDC Minnesota

I gave my Building Scalable, Maintainable Apps with TypeScript & React talk at NDC this last week and it was a blast. Had some really great conversations afterwards and feedback was positive, which is what any speaker can hope for.

Building Scalable, Maintainable Apps Using TypeScript and React - Kamran Ayub from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

Wish I could have stayed and come! Loved your talk about react/typescript.May 10, 2018

Thanks Phill! This kind of feedback makes all the stress, planning, and nerve-wracking-ness about giving talks totally worth it. I guarantee every small bit of praise you give to a speaker, online or in-person, is very much appreciated.

I'm always a little cautious before this talk since it assumes some prior knowledge of TypeScript or React but I had folks come up to me and even though they hadn't had as much experience, it sparked them to learn more--which is also what any speaker can hope for. Value can be provided to any skill level I think, whether it's from "Should I even learn this? Will it help me?" to "I've done this for a year but I haven't seen that pattern before," which was my goal.

Back when I proposed my first course for Pluralsight I had pitched a TypeScript and React course but it was turned down since the curriculum has a lot of React and TypeScript courses separately. I may still pitch it again because there's still no one course that ties them together (or with Flow, for that matter). I had a good conversation with a gentleman about how there's not that many resources out there on specifically patterns around TS and React, a primary motivation for this talk. There's certainly enough content for a 2-3 hour course and there's a specific course pattern called a playbook that this may fit.

Another person I spoke to suggested I pitch the talk to JSMN and speaking at meetups is on my 2018 goals list so of course I will do that. They also let me know about the Midwest Gaming Classic which would be cool to bring some Excalibur talks to or just attend in general.

By the way, a friendly reminder I'll be talking about Node.js bots at the Minneapolis Azure meetup in September!

There were so many other great talks I went to, I will post a follow-up soon hopefully with links to the recordings if they're out by then.

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