Today I started at Target
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Today I started at Target

Today marks a pretty big change in my career as I transition to a new software engineering role at Target. That change comes after a 7 year stint at General Mills where I worked right out of college. I had an amazing time there and made lifelong friends. I'm hoping to continue the trend of working at great places! If you're looking for an awesome place to work, I encourage you to reach out to me for a referral or apply online at General Mills if you want to work on DevOps stuff with a .NET stack.

My new role is on an internal product team where I'll be working on Node.js apps with Angular and React front-ends. It'll be a pretty big shift from doing primarily Microsoft stack and ASP.NET/C# to full stack JavaScript. Of course, I'm no stranger to these technologies but rather than developing in those stacks on side projects I'll be doing it full-time which should help me learn it a lot more deeply.

I'm also excited because Target has a clear commitment towards open source and the greater community, being a major sponsor of almost every local conference and encouraging OSS contributions from its engineers. Expect to see more frequent blog posts and maybe even some open source project work as I take on my new role.

My love for .NET won't be lost though, I'll still be plugging away at KTOMG, migrating to .NET Core and working on .NET Core OSS projects. I'm also trying to learn F# this year. On that note, I hope to come up with a consistent schedule to stream on Twitch so you can follow me there for updates.

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