Thanks for attending Midwest.js
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Thanks for attending Midwest.js

A couple weeks ago I spoke at Midwest.js on Building Scalable, Maintainable Apps Using TypeScript and React. The conference itself was great I thought and I plan to attend again! I learned some stuff about GraphQL that I didn't know and learned about V8 compiler optimizations from @captainsafia.

The slides are online at

It was sitting room only, so if you attended I thank you! I think it's clear there's a demand for more real-world wisdom talks around the latest tech. There are enough intro talks that where I can't offer much but I think many of us have a lot to offer if we've been working with a technology in production for awhile.

I have the presentation recorded but am waiting for MJS to upload their recordings on YouTube. If it starts to take too long, I'll go ahead and upload my version (theirs will have better audio). I'm still waiting on the full feedback report but talking in person to many of you left me feeling pretty great!

Maybe next year I'll submit an updated version with any new wisdom I learn as I continue converting KTOMG over to React.

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