TypeScript in Action at Twin Cities Code Camp 20 (TCCC20)

Published on Monday, April 11, 2016

Update (4/20/16): The presentation is now up on YouTube (and the slides).

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I'll be speaking at 8:30am this weekend at Twin Cities Code Camp. My talk will about using TypeScript in the context of an Angular 2 ASP.NET MVC web application but will focus on how TypeScript enhances my productivity and showcases some features of the language. I've done the talk previously internally at General Mills and had a great response so I thought I'd piggyback on the success of my previous Demystifying TypeScript talk (which is also on YouTube).

If you're at all interested in seeing how TypeScript development looks in action, you should attend and I'd recommend going through my previous talk if you're still not convinced TypeScript is awesome. This talk assumes you are at least open to the idea of developing in TypeScript and are curious to see how it can be used.

It'll be a fun time and a busy weekend--I'll have to leave the conference right after my talk to participate in Ludum Dare, where I'll be helping to build a game in 72 hours. I'm sad I'll miss the speaker happy hour and the prizes but it's for a good reason! Hope to see you Saturday!

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