Answering "So what?" on your resume
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Answering "So what?" on your resume

Yesterday we took this resume experience line item:

Focus on improving React frontend performance of components
and pages to reduce excessive rendering and optimize hot code paths. Search and listing pages time-to-interactive (TTI) improved by 8% YTD.

And made it into:

Improve page interaction speed by 8% YTD for search and home pages

But it still left us hanging: so what?

"Page interaction speed" is product-level value. It's a good metric to improve but it doesn't describe how (if at all) it impacted the business.

Can you move up a level of business abstraction?

If you could draw the line between page performance and sales metrics, the preference would be something like this:

Increase cart conversion by 1.2% YTD leading to $45MM incremental sales by optimizing page interaction metrics

Now that's an answer to, "So what?" 💥

What can you do if you don't have the data available to draw such a clear line?

Stay tuned.

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