Demystifying TypeScript at Midwest.js
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Demystifying TypeScript at Midwest.js

Today I was excited to give a talk at Midwest.js about Demystifying TypeScript. This is not the first time I've given the talk, it's actually the fourth time. Instead of leaving it stale I revamped the theme and updated all the information to be current as of today--including information about Babel.js and Flow.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties (no HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapter!) the talk's video wasn't recorded. However, I was mic'd and I did use SnagIt to record my screen, so we're hoping we can merge the audio and video tracks to generate a recording. If not, I may need to sit down and record audio for the talk.

I will update this post after the conference and let you know the status--let's hope we can get it working! Otherwise, I guess you just had to be there ;)

If you attended and have questions, feel free to leave them here or tweet at me!

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