Come Visit Me at MIX 11
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Come Visit Me at MIX 11

I am extremely excited (and thankful) to be visiting MIX 11 next week. Hopefully I can garner some "cred" with the .NET community and I hope I can meet some of my .NET community idols as well.

Come see me at Open Source Fest

I'll be standing at a cocktail table at the Open Source Fest (I am #37) presenting my tiny little "library" (what do you call one file?), .JSON.

About .JSON

I know that there exists several open source libraries for dealing with JSON, including Json.NET and JsonFx.

However, I wanted something a bit different. First, I didn't want a library... all I needed to do was consume JSON-based web services. Second, all I wanted to do was interact with the results as a dynamically typed object.

The output of that endeavor was .JSON, a single-file library containing about ~500 SLOC.

It supports:

  • POST to JSON services
  • GET from JSON services
  • Converting strings to dynamic JSON objects
  • Convert JSON objects to strings
  • Convert dictionaries to JSON objects
  • Supports LINQ to Objects if using dynamic[]
  • Includes my PrettyJson formatter

I only realized recently that JsonFx also supports dynamic typing, but as far as I know no other library offers a utility to access JSON services. I sent a message to JsonFx's owner about integrating my JsonService into JsonFx, as that seems like a good fit.

Part of my motivation to create the library was to learn about dynamics. Part of it was to prove you could do it in a single, reasonably small class. I thought it was pretty neat! I was not disappointed to hear that JsonFx did the same thing, since I learned a lot in the process and I still think I added some value for people that didn't need a whole library to work with JSON.

At any rate, I am talking about it at the OSF. Maybe some kind souls will part with a poker chip or two for my "tip jar". For me, it's just to meet all the other awesome developers.

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