Upcoming events: RWD workshop, Code Camp, and dotNetConf [updated]
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Upcoming events: RWD workshop, Code Camp, and dotNetConf [updated]

Just a quick set of FYIs. I will be attending 3 upcoming events, two in-person and one virtually.

RWD Workshop with Tim Kadlec

Tim Kadlec is a cool guy; he's also one of the RWD gurus and has lots to share. He's hosting a 30 person workshop at the U of MN, so it'll be a small group of people that will be sharing RWD experiences. I'm attending, and if prodded, I will share my experience implementing RWD on some big sites (hint: it's challenging).

Code Camp

Twin Cities Code Camp is a free conference put together by local volunteers and is a great event to go to if you like to see people's code or share your own. I will be talking about Web API and opening up my closed-source project (Keep Track of My Games v2) for all to see. It's going to be interesting, for sure.


dotNetConf is a free virtual conference on all things .NET. I'll be attending a couple sessions at least and there's nothing to lose by attending. Be sure to check it out!

Hack for MN

HackForMN is for the National Day of Civic Hacking but for us Minnesotans. A handful of friends are going and I think there's probably a good app or two for The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes worth making.

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