Slides and Resources for TCCC14 Web API Talk
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Slides and Resources for TCCC14 Web API Talk

I gave a talk this past weekend at Twin Cities Code Camp; it was my first public talk (hopefully the first of many?). It was a deep dive on selected ASP.NET Web API topics (as voted on by the audience) and you can view it on SpeakerDeck.

You can also download the notes (i.e. links, comments, resources) from my SkyDrive.

If you were there and saw me present, please rate how I did! It's the only way I really have of getting feedback.


I thought it went decent for my first talk. I was pretty nervous; I even forgot to say my name... but whatever! Hopefully by volunteering to do more talks I'll get the hang of it. All those business leadership classes paid off, my friends said that I didn't appear nervous, I projected my voice, and some folks were kind enough to say they liked it which is all I wanted. I also got the largest room right after lunch and it was probably 200 degrees. The Wi-Fi was deathly slow (< 1Mbps) so that didn't help. Next time I'll plan to either take more screenshots or limit the online interaction.

I also think I had too many topics; I knew we couldn't get through all of them but one of my co-workers suggested to scale it down in order to hit specific topics and spend more time on each. It's so hard because they're all great topics to talk about... I didn't even list content negotiation or automatic documentation.

Overall I was pleased with the outcome; I said what I wanted to say and it was a lot of fun.

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