Skyrim Mod Request Compilation
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Skyrim Mod Request Compilation

These are for ideas for myself to explore or for others to get ideas from (or help make!). I'm not a modder, really, I've never done a TES mod before. Skyrim, however, has motivated me to at least explore the option of making mods. I can't design a model worth crap, so many of my ideas will be focused on stuff I could possibly do myself. I'll note ones that I think other people might want to tackle (� denotes someone else should please make it).

I will be keeping this updated for myself, mostly, but I could also add mods people suggest underneath if I think I could possibly do them (I can handle scripting/tweak/UI mods I think, just not art-based ones). I'd love constructive feedback (either why my idea sucks or how it could be improved).


  • [11/15/11] Added chest categories, linked inventory sorting
  • [11/14/11] Initial list

Possibly Possible Mods

Mods that should be possible given what I know about past TES mods.

Non-Levelled Epic Loot

In the words of my friend, "It saddens me to realize that the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide that I just found will be worthless after the next 10 levels I grow." Epic loot should be epic and possibly protected by insane bosses to keep some semblance of balance. This is one big thing that disappoints me about Skyrim.

Poisoned Food

Mostly a for-fun mod. Poison apples were awesome in Oblivion and I'm surprised you can't apply poison to food.

Follower Bonuses

Like Fallout. Followers all have different skill/perk bonuses that you get when you have them in your party. If perk unlocking isn't possible, maybe simply stat-based (i.e. Lydia gives you +10% to One-Handed and +5% to Blocking). This would make followers a bit more strategic.

Follower Home Base

Like Fallout, if this isn't already in the game, followers you recruit should return to your home (if it's big enough). Easier to find them if you dismiss them plus makes you feel loved and a true Dovahkiin. "Sorry, honey, we'll be having guests over... for awhile."

Follower Map Indicator

Like Fallout (right?), show followers on your map so it's easier to find them when they're lost. Or to be immersive, a spell ala Clairvoyance?

Horse Whistle

Already suggested. An item that summons your horse ala Red Dead (except probably instant due to modding capability).

Salvage Weapons and Apparel

I don't know what the official term is, but the ability to break down weapons/apparel into their component parts ("Salvage"?). To keep balance, I'd add a percent chance based on your smithing skill. Should be realistic based on actual weapon (sword yields more steel than a dagger).

Enchanted Pickaxes

Pickaxes can be enchanted or can be found randomly, that have enhanced chance to find treasure (rubies, gems, etc).


When married, you can hit the bed and have children ala Fable. Kids grow into teens into adults (adult vs. teen doesn't seem to be differentiated in Skyrim), they have random jobs, and maybe can turn into followers (complicated?). There's probably much more to this I am not thinking of right now, as far as potential gameplay additions.

Notice/Bounty Boards

Talking to inn keepers to get bounties is cool but I loved Dragon Age's notice boards at the Chantry. I think the ability to randomize quests using Radiant AI would make this a sweet, sweet mod for adventurers like me. Quests could be: fetch items, kill bandits, clear out caves, help farmers, collect crafting items, deliver goods, etc.


Already suggested. I'm sure this wasn't included due to balance. I'd like to wear at least two rings, and maybe disable stacking (i.e. wearing two +20% health regen rings).


I could be wrong but I don't think you can have more than 1 enchantment on an item. Again, perhaps for balance. I'd love to see the ability to do this, maybe depending on enchantment skill/perk.

More Jobs

This would probably need to be done by someone who can do animations/modeling. I'd love to see more jobs you can do, maybe that have to do with fishing, clothing, hunting, etc. You know, what people would do for a living in Skyrim!

Harder Dragons

Is it just me or are the low-level dragons way too easy? It only takes 5-8 hits of my two-handed warhammer to kill one... that seems too little. Dragons should be, "Shit I have to use up all these potions and take cover and blah blah CRAP CRAP" encounters... like a Draugr Overlord.

Huge castle/house

No doubt someone will do this. I'd like to see mannequins, display cases, and stuff so I can show off every cool item I find. It's also great for people like me who wish to collect every piece of armor and weapon to have one of each in a "museum" type setting.


A large undertaking. Basically the equivalent of your home settlement in Assassin's Creed where you can buy shops, etc. Invest/upgrade them, hire people, etc. for cash flow. Bandits can attack and destroy stores. Shopkeepers can steal money from you. Dragons can attack. Guards can be hired (maybe quests for each kind, like do something for the Jarl to gain his trust and send over guards). Your home can be expanded. This would be one epic mod but boy, oh boy, would it be awesome.

Better Bookcases

Anyone else disappointed in the built-in bookcases for your home? How come only 9 books can be on a shelf when clearly there is more room for at least 4-5 more? I don't want to come off as a slob to my wife or followers.

Better Housing Equipment

While you can add a lab to some houses, I'd like to also invest in an armory (smithing) and extra storage (chests) for my house. This I'm sure will be the way the huge housing mods go, though, but I'd rather earn that stuff than have it just appear in my house because of a mod. Make me pay 5000 gold for an armory, that's pretty motivating. To make it even sweeter, like Fallout, add some bonuses you get for using your own equipment.

Crafting Recipes

Is it just me or is it a little weird that all I need is a perk to create entire sets of items? This is fun but I was thinking it might be more challenging to require every item to have a recipe you need to find out in the world/merchants instead. Just like Fallout blueprints. Or, generate a recipe on an item you already own.

Possibly Impossible Mods

Mods that may or may not be possible, but seems like they won't be.

Vanity Mod

Already suggested by me, one of the top-voted requests that I've seen on /r/skyrimmods. Ability to see your character, somehow, when equipping items. Workaround is to use 3rd person and position the camera but this can only be done with your weapon sheathed.

Better Custom Map Markers

I like that you can add a map marker as a waypoint, but I better like the idea of Morrowind's custom markers that I can add notes to. Ability to add any number of custom markers to world/local map and add a note/caption.

Follower Back Stories

This was one of the more fun things in Dragon Age. Followers actually had back stories and you could do quests for them to retrieve a family heirloom, save them from assassins, etc. In a game like Skyrim or DA where everyone is voiced... this seems like a lot of work, especially because it would seem weird to have followers have a different voice.

Follower Salesman

This was an idea from my friend. Borrow the mechanic from Torchlight where you can send your follower back to the closest major city and sell all the goods he's carrying (excepting "equipped" items probably). I think this is possible but I assume it'd take a lot of scripting work. Add a cooldown same as Torchlight where your companion will be gone for awhile before returning. The companion can be carrying the gold he/she got from the transaction or just have it added automatically. If possible, this should be a perk, perhaps in the Speech tree.

Better Container States

I love how Fallout and beyond show what containers are "Empty." However, I'm a little peeved they also don't show you what's been searched. To be immersive, perhaps all one has to do is make a mod that keeps containers in the "open" state after you look at them, but at the least, it should show a "Searched" status when you hover over just like Empty.

Item Sets

Favorites are cool but I'd love to see item set capability, maybe as "favoritable" themselves or a separate menu. Basically, I typically play 3 ways in combat: brawler, mage murderer, and ranger. I'd love to make it even easier by adding apparel to equip in addition to weapons for those situations. For example, for my mage murderer situation: equip my custom weapon, Mage Bane that does a ton of magicka damage on hit, equip an armor piece(s) that give me magicka resistance, etc. For brawler, equip my warhammer, armor that regens stamina faster or fortifies it, etc. You get the idea. Maybe this is as simple as allowing one number to be associated to multiple items. This seems like a code change, though.

Quest Vicinities

Because disabling map markers and your compass could easily make things a huge pain in the ass, even though it's "immersive", I think a good balance would be the ability to disable quest markers and "unvisited" locations and instead present a Red Dead Redemption like "vicinity" on the map (circular areas) where the quest marker/location lies somewhere within. Locations you've visited still show up on compass/map, but "unvisited" locations do not. Since UI modding is possible, I am not sure to what extent we can mod the map like this and whether or not enabling a bunch of active quests will make this too noisy.

Item Sorting

Already suggested. Ability to sort your inventory/containers by weight/price at the least. Always takes me too long to figure out what to give to my pack mule for carrying or dropping.

Chest Categories

Already suggested. Ability for chests to have categories ala characters.

Quick Compare

Already suggested. Ability to see if a weapon/apparel is better than your current by viewing in the gameworld (hover) or in a chest (in the details or bottoms status bar).

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