Please Go Watch the Pluralsight UX Fundamentals of Design Course

Published on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pluralsight is having a deal right now where if you follow them on Twitter and follow Billy Hollis, you get a free token to watch the UX fundamentals course.

After having finished the course (a full 4 hours plus exercises), and while I normally don't like contests that require you to follow people, I would heavily encourage you to take advantage of this offer if you don't have a Pluralsight license.

Whether you're a full-on developer, front-end developer, interaction designer, or a plumber, I think you should watch this course. It's chock full of awesome advice and design guidance, especially aimed at .NET developers and enterprise developers.

I've already learned some neat techniques I can start using immediately while I'm developing the next version of Keep Track of My Games.

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