Pass in your variables to console.log as parameters to make them navigable

Published on Monday, June 27, 2011

I was helping a co-worker debug a JSON issue when I saw he was trying to use console.log. I asked how he was passing it in and he was doing exactly what you'd think should work:

// result = some JSON object
console.log("Returned data: " + result);

He was seeing:

Returned data: [Object object]

He was wondering how he could stringify the result. You could do that, I said, but I have a useful tip!

Try doing this instead:

console.log("Returned data: ", result);

And voila, the console will not try to .toString() your object and it will be navigable:

Firebug Console Example

Clicking the object link will let you view its properties.

I always thought this was a useful and not very well known feature of console.log so hopefully that might assist you in debugging!

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