Using SquishIt Without Writing to the File System

Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a big fan of SquishIt, which is a library that compresses and minifies CSS and JS. It automatically keeps thing uncompressed locally and then on your web server, versions and compresses your files. The versioning is based on a checksum of your files so it automatically handles any changes you make, it's gold.

The thing that I don't like is that by default, it writes to your file system which is usually a no-no on shared hosts or even enterprise applications.

I asked if you could use SquishIt programmatically and you can! I wrote up a wiki article on their project page to show how it's done.

If you haven't used SquishIt, I'd highly recommend it!

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I'm a technologist, speaker, and Pluralsight author and I specialize in building full-stack solutions with a focus on modern web technology and cloud native architecture.
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