Are you shooting flaming arrows of value?
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Are you shooting flaming arrows of value?

A project ends, roll credits. Is your name in the million-dollar animation? Near the top of the scroll? Or is it in the small print above the copyright notice? You know you delivered business value when you are credited with delivering it. But not all credits are high-visibility.

When we finished the Champions' Homepage, the reason that we earned renown, the reason that it benefited our careers (everyone involved) from that day forth, was because we blew their expectant socks off.

We delivered flaming arrows of value.

Flaming Arrow of Value
Lights Beholder expectations on fire, dealing incredible value. Most effective against high-level Beholders.

They actually wanted the Fellowship to continue, but of course, we were disbanded to go back to "regular work."

I share this anecdote from my career because looking back, I can clearly see why it was so successful and why it was so fun.

We worked on a small team with clear objectives and surpassed the expectations of the folks who benefited from the work being done right. We were seen as the authoritative experts and our feedback was respected.

It's also rare. I've had several experiences like this during my career but I doubt most people have. Rarely do you ever get to be in the same room as the people sponsoring or owning an entire initiative, high up the chain.

But if you can:

  1. Articulate the success measures from a high-level
  2. Draw the connection between your work to the results
  3. Manage expectations upfront
  4. Overdeliver on value

You increase the odds of standing out.

Equip those flaming arrows of value and light up your career.

Example Bow of Value sheet
A bounty has been posted...
Aim your bow at the beacons of value on the mountain tops. Set expectations ablaze.

If you've followed along, you might have a notebook page that resembles this real-life project I had. If you've done your homework, it will be much more detailed with scribbles and notes.

Now that you have the "lay of the land," see what you can do each day or each week to resolve those pain points for your Champions.

Give yourself credit: Mention how the team is solving those pain points to anyone who will listen. When you talk to your boss, be specific about what you are contributing. Word travels fast up the chain.

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