A bow of value
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A bow of value

If value is something you deliver, then you could imagine yourself equipped with a Bow of Value.

For every action you take, you notch an arrow and fire it.

  • Commit code and push to GitHub – pull, notch, fire.
  • Answer a support request – pull, notch, fire.
  • Reviewing a party member's PR – pull, notch, fire.

You might be unleashing a storm of arrows every day.

But... for every arrow of value you deliver, can you answer:

  1. What are you aiming at?
  2. How far does it fly?
  3. Did it hit or miss its mark?
  4. How effective is it?

When you answered that support request, what changed?

When you pushed code to production, who benefited from that change?

When you reviewed that PR, was it useful?

When you improved the TTI of the homepage, what happened then?

Part of understanding your value (and your worth), is being able to answer these questions about every arrow you notch and let fly.

That's cause this bow is an enchanted bow:

Bow of Value
Effectiveness depends on what is being targeted and how far away it is from the player.

I will cover how to answer and think about each of these questions, with concrete examples, over the week.

A quest to consider...
As you roll out of bed and put on your pajamas, you notice a shimmering bow sitting next to your computer. Hmm, that wasn't there before.

Equip the Bow of Value.


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