I love GitHub so much, I'm a paying member now
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I love GitHub so much, I'm a paying member now

As you might know, I released a new site, Keep Track of My Games a couple days ago.

I started out with a remote Git repository on AppHarbor, then switched to BitBucket because it supported free private repositories.

BitBucket is really nice but after trying to use the Issues list I really missed GitHub's clean issues & milestones management. Really, really missed it.

BitBucket issues

BitBucket's issues list is table-based and displays issue titles in a column. That column gets really small when you have a lot of issues, making it hard to read. I started out typing user stories as the titles but when I went to GH, I made them shorter, task-oriented titles and put the stories inside of them. I think this helps clean up the UI a bit:

Issues List

Much easier to read and browse and filter issues, in my opinion. I have a system where items I work on are assigned to me, the rest are considered "future" items. I also have a couple milestones set up to track progress. I create labels for major components of the site and then can assign multiple ones to issues.

I will be updating my Roadmap to use GH's REST service and query the issues to display. The nice thing about labels is that I will be able to filter out issues that shouldn't be very public (i.e. security tasks?).



So I bit the bullet and said what the hell? and signed up for a micro plan. I feel pretty good about it. I love GitHub, it's no secret (case in point, this site). It makes me feel good to support them and show them some well-deserved love. I hope my small contribution helps them keep a clean site and awesome user experience.

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