I just transferred all my domains away from my GoDaddy reseller because of SOPA
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I just transferred all my domains away from my GoDaddy reseller because of SOPA

Since I started hosting my own domains and doing web work, I've been using a website aptly named Cheap-DomainRegistration.com. I also read today that GoDaddy supports SOPA. This is a Bad ThingTM. The proposed SOPA legislation is bad, just like drinking anti-freeze is bad for dogs.

"Hah!" I said to myself, grinning in self-assuredness, "I am not using GoDaddy. This does not pertain to me."

There was a linear relationship between the width of my grin and the amount of uneasiness about issuing my previous utterance. Hmmm. To be frank, I am not sure exactly who owns my current domain host. Now the wheels in my head began turning (Since I looked at that loony, old man). I visited the site... tried searching for who the company was registered under. I couldn't find anything. It felt... wrong.

It turns out with a little Internet detectivery, I discovered that my now-late host was, in fact, a GoDaddy reseller.

  1. The reseller template CDR used was the first reseller template available from GD, namely, "Black, Yellow, and Red". You can see that by clicking "Quick Tour" on the GD Reseller page.
  2. The addresses are the same for both WHOIS records. Coincidence?
  3. The Legal Agreement for CDR also cites the same address.
  4. CDR uses secureserver.net for DNS, which is owned by GoDaddy.

Despair kicked in. I glanced at the brand new JA Henckels chef knife my friend got me for Christmas--the sharp blade, laser edged to perfection... it would be so easy to--"No," I said. Keep hold of yourself, man!

Turns out, there's a great host called Namecheap.com that is against SOPA (as you should be). Needless to say, I've initiated a bulk transfer of all my domains over to Namecheap. I've done my part.

So now the question is, are you inadvertently using a GoDaddy reseller? I highly recommend you double-check because you might just be surprised at what you find.

The more you know...

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