Creating Plugins, Themes and Starters with GatsbyJS: Playbook
GatsbyJS’s flexible architecture allows you to deeply extend its behavior. This course will teach you how to develop custom plugins, themes and starter templates that make it easier to customize and reuse Gatsby code across multiple projects.
Testing Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide compelling native-like experiences to users. This course will teach you how to execute a testing plan for your Progressive Web App using automation tools and cloud-based testing services.
Contributing to an Open Source Project on GitHub
In this course, you will learn how to get involved in an open source project by being an effective contributor. You’ll understand how to onboard yourself, engage the team, work with others, and walk through real-world scenarios.
Microsoft Azure Developer: Implementing CDNs for Storage
Learn how to leverage Azure CDN to efficiently serve content from Azure Blob Service with both public and private storage accounts.
Microsoft Azure Developer: Configuring CORS Access for Storage
Learn how CORS enables you to restrict cross-origin requests for Azure Storage services and how to automate rule configuration using various Azure SDKs and tools.
RavenDB 4: Getting Started
RavenDB enables you to build scalable, high-performance NoSQL applications. This course will cover the basics of RavenDB, including what features it offers, usage with .NET, querying & indexing, and management using the powerful Studio interface.
Introduction to TypeScript [Video] | Packt
Building practical, maintainable and scalable applications using TypeScript