See you at Build 2016
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See you at Build 2016

I love attending conferences. At the end of the month I'll be attending Build 2016. Build is the annual Microsoft conference. At the end of January me and some friends attended PAX South in San Antonio and it was a blast (not for work). A gaming convention has a different air than a developer conference. There's a certain energy and it's very motivating being around fellow developers, learning new tech, and seeing what's new. I've attended Build several times in the past and it's always been fun--especially when you meet coding "celebs". Usually I take my wife even though she doesn't attend the conference, we will typically stay longer. This year, not only will she be joining but our friend will be coming as well--both of them will be traipsing around San Francisco while I and a few coworkers will attend the conference. My partners in crime, Erik & Alan, will be joining me so it'll be a ton of fun (yes, we all work together and yes we just went to PAX together). Going to a conference is fun, going to a conference with your friends is even more fun.

After Build we'll be leaving my coworkers behind and we'll be flying up to Portland to explore the area. I've been to downtown Seattle for PAX Prime before but I've only been in the surrounding area once when I was a teenager and I always thought it was beautiful. My wife never has been to the Pacific northwest so we thought it'd be fun to spend a few days extra and drive around. We're all looking forward to it.

If you're at Build and you follow me, be sure to send me a tweet and we'll meet up!

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