My name is Kamran Ayub. I'm a professional developer and technologist based in Minneapolis, MN and have been designing, building, and producing software for over 12 years. I've worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies working on small to massive scale consumer-facing and line of business web applications.

What I Do

I focus on improving user experience, business process efficiency, and automation through software development and design. I have deep experience leveraging enterprise and open-source technologies to help drive improvements for the business teams I work with.

I have worked in educational, manufacturing, and retail contexts doing web-based and desktop software development since 2006. I've helped deliver solutions for million visitor consumer facing websites, automation for internal developer teams, cloud-native solutions for worldwide brands, and core business process automation. Even prior to 2006, I helped clients build their brand and expand their businesses through web and marketing development.

Currently I focus on line-of-business application development with modern web technologies and cloud-native solutions. I infuse a passion for user experience and improving efficiencies in everything I do. That means I don't just execute someone else's vision, I partner with them to understand their problem and help design the best solution I can, even in my current employment. Ensuring I focus on the problem and work towards the solution means I help deliver software that meets future needs and is amenable to change.

Work with Me

I am gainfully employed but am always open to the right opportunities on the side. Did you watch a talk or attend a workshop I gave and want to follow up with me? Let's talk!

Content Creation Opportunities

Right now on the side I'm focusing on content creation in the web technology space. If you think I'd be interested in creating content for you or your business, email me at


Have a business problem or need technology solution advice? I'm always willing to listen or even grab coffee if the opportunity is right. Drop me a note at

Say Hello

Just want to say you enjoyed a recent blog post, video, or other thing I did? Or just send me a picture of your cat, that's fine too. Say

Thanks for emailing me

I get a lot of emails so please be patient as I try to respond to you. Consider my LinkedIn profile as a more skill-based history and not a platform to contact me through effectively.

Teaching, Speaking and Workshops


I am a Pluralsight and Packt course author, you can view my current courses on the projects page or follow my Pluralsight author profile. I really enjoy teaching and sharing what I know and authoring courses is definitely something I intend to pursue.

I also speak at user groups and conferences, as well as host workshops.

Side Activities

In my spare time I maintain and develop Keep Track of My Games, a way for gamers to organize their game collections and track new releases. I also contribute to Excalibur.js, and many other small projects.

After my spare time is used up, I make and play video games, and participate in game jams. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is my favorite game.

Oh, I also love to travel.

Keep Track of My Games

Keep Track of My Games is a way to organize your game collection and track new releases. I started it in 2011 and have been running it solo ever since. The application is non-commercial because I leverage the GiantBomb game database for my data. In order to keep the site up-to-date and fast, I have background jobs that utilize an on-prem version of the Azure Kudu console along with Azure Queues and Table Storage. The tech stack is ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, and RavenDB as the backend database.


Excalibur.js is a web-based game engine written in TypeScript. I work with several other talented friends on the project. The project is free and open source. We leverage heavy automation using services like Travis CI, Appveyor, and Coveralls. The API documentation is generated using TypeDoc and we've set up cross-repository automation to ensure the docs are 100% up-to-date with the master branch. We use the typical GitHub Pull Request workflow to perform code reviews and ensure that the master branch stays green and stable.