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Hi, my name is Kamran. I am a web developer and designer, residing in Minnesota. I’ve been programming since 2001 and I am familiar with many different languages, both web-based and server-based. I love to tinker around and think of new ways to solve problems.

5 Things I Learned About Design While Living Abroad for 6 Months

My wife and I have been living abroad in France for the past six months, since December. We had originally planned for me to work during this time (and to stay longer) but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Still, it was truly a blessing in disguise as we’ve been able to travel and I’ve been able to observe and learn about how people around the world use technology that has affected the way I think about how I design software and websites.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned during my 6 months living abroad.

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Just Released the New Keep Track of My Games Beta

Keep Track of My Games

This last weekend I finally released the beta version of the new Keep Track of My Games site. It’s been a long time coming but now it actually lets you keep track of your games. The original site only let you track new games and the new version still offers notifications but now you can organize and tag your collection to track games you’ve played or haven’t played yet (backlog) or new games.

Over the next few months, I want to add social features and more syncing capabilities to services like Steam, Xbox, and PSN. I also want to add deal notifications for any game in your wishlist.

If you use the site, let me know what you think or vote up ideas on the roadmap!

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Ludum Dare 29 Game Jam Success!

This last weekend I spent 72 hours working on a game for the Ludum Dare 29 game jam. LD is a competition where you get a prompt for a game and then have to spend 48 hours (solo) or 72 hours (jam) and bang out a game. The solo competition has strict rules but the game jam has looser rules and allows for team development. It was a caffeine-filled rush and I hope to write a blog post shortly about how it all went down. It was a ton of fun! I worked with my friends Erik Onarheim and Josh Edeen, both primary contributors to the Excalibur.js game engine. I am also a contributor but I haven’t done a ton with the engine core, moreso the usability of the API, opening GH issues, and the website.

Kraken Unchained

In the meantime, be sure to check out the fruits of our labor! It’s a game where you play as the Kraken and you destroy ships. We originally had a ton of ideas, as you can see in our GitHub repository, but with only 72 hours your scope is pretty narrow. Still, we’re very happy with what came out and we’re glad that Excalibur.js pulled through!

Play Kraken Unchained. Vote for it on the LD site. You can also take a peek at the post-LD version which is in on-going development. It does support touch and fixes some issues in IE10/11.

You can also view the entirety of the source code on GitHub!